"There's tons of stuff on the internet on how to become a grillmaster but when I want the right answer I go to Matt. Super helpful and there is something to be said for real experience. He's the real deal!" -Travis Holtz Nashville, TN

"When I started grilling the results were always mixed and never great. With Matt's techniques, my first grilling event was better than any I had produced prior and the flavor and taste has always exceeded my families expectations! Why ever go out for BBQ? My results with Matt's help are better than any restaurant. -Paul Kelly Corona,CA

"Matt is one of the most innovative and skilled grillers I know. I have learned so much from equipment to methodology over the years just from his social media. His knowledge of the reverse sear method and his attention to detail on every cook and in every photo is off-the-charts. From brisket to wings. He’s a fine tuned master of the grill and pays high attention to deal on every cook." - Clint Ayesh Wichita Kansas

“Matt has been a huge part of my success with becoming a better grill master. From proper grilling techniques, to introducing me to new seasonings. My family and I really appreciate his guidance. And I look forward to learning even more” -Rodney George Issaquah, Washington

“My Father always loved to grill. He is a Green Egg owner and has always sworn by it. My Dad had been telling me for the last 10 years that buying a Kamado style grill was a must If I wanted the best out of my cooking. Unfortunately, my Dad lives in Georgia and I reside on the West Coast so the opportunities for us to connect over the grill are way too few and far between. I met Matt 3 years ago and quickly discovered he had a passion for BBQ and hails from Kansas…and Kansas folk know BBQ! We connected right away around our love for being outside by the grill! What I didn’t realize yet about Matt was his skills were on an entirely other level. I have personally been the benefactor of Matt's expertise, and in-depth knowledge of grilling. After getting the opportunity to taste Matt’s food and watch him work on the open flame…I buckled down and purchased my 1st Kamado style grill. Matt has given me insight on everything from his meat selection, his homemade rubs and seasonings, to his methods for grilling. My cooking has improved dramatically over a short period of time. I can’t say enough about how my time and friendship with Matt Lokay has taken my grill game to a whole other level!! Thanks Matt!” -Derrick Davis Murrieta California

“Matt is amazing at not only teaching technique to deliver delicious barbecue but also unlocks the passion to explore and take flavors to the next level.”—Boyd Westover Chaska, MN.